Beauty & the Feast Program

The Beauty & The Feast Health, Wellness & Coaching program is the pathway that will lead you to your health, wellness and beauty goals. The coaching  program is designed to give you the proper support, guidance and encouragement needed to make changes, create results and live your healthiest and feel your best.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How long is the program and what does it consist of?
The HWBC Program requires a six-month commitment. Face-to-face, phone or Skype meetings take place bi-weekly per month for approximately 50 minutes each. In between sessions, we communicate via email and phone calls.

What is required to partake in the program?
The HWBC Program is for individuals who are ready and committed to learning and in effect, making changes in their lives to achieve results. A commitment of time, effort and responsibility are required to partake in the program.

What do sessions consist of and what will happen over the six-month program?
Throughout the Program, you will learn about food and lifestyle and how to use the two to create a life in which you feel healthy and look your best. The Program is completely customized to each individual’s unique needs and goals. Please note the following monthly summary is a general, brief outline and that the Program can be tailored in any way necessary to make you feel comfortable, secure and to ensure you reach your goals. Furthermore, while the Program requires a commitment of six months, we can certainly continue working together after the six month program has concluded.

Month 1

During the first month of the Program, we will specify your goals and create a plan of how to accomplish them. You will learn how to use food as medicine and as a beautifier and we will discuss cooking methods. We will explore the reasons you may have not been able to reach your health goals in the past, and put systems into effect to keep you on track.

« In addition to the face-to-face sessions, the first month also includes a trip to a grocery store where we will explore and discuss the variety of foods on the market and what you should be eating to attain your goals.

Month 2
During the second month of the Program, we look at what you are ingesting through your skin – we review and discuss what’s in your lotions, soaps, etc. and what your body may be absorbing through these products. We will consider which natural products may fit your needs and how to use ingredients from your own kitchen to satisfy your skin, hair and nail needs.

« During the second month, we will take a trip (in addition to the two monthly sessions) to a beauty store and investigate the products available. We will determine which products are best for you to use to attain your beauty goals.

Month 3
Month three of the program focuses further on your lifestyle and different areas of your life which may be affecting your health and beauty goals. We explore relationships, career, spirituality, home life, finances, creative outlets, and a variety of other primary “foods” necessary for a happy, healthy life.

« This month’s outing is dependent on your specific goals and needs.

Month 4
Month four of HWBC focuses on self-love. We will consider a variety of natural ways to nurture your mind, body and life. We will explore alternative therapies including Reiki and acupressure and discover steps you can take to bring more peace into your life.

This month, we will explore an alternative therapy – your goals and needs will determine which therapy that may be. This may involve a Reiki, meditation, or time in nature.

Month 5
During month 5, we will continue to make sure the systems we have put into place so you achieve your goals are working and manageable. During this month, we will also focus on self-reliance. This includes learning how to create products right in your kitchen for your skin, hair and nails. From masks to hand creams, we will create products from scratch that are toxin-free and clean.

Month 6
During month 6, we will continue exploring your relationships with others and with yourself. We will review areas in which you may still be challenged, and put systems in place to ensure you continue reaching your goals once the program has completed. We will bring together all of the techniques you’ve learned over the past few months and review what works for you and what doesn’t. My goal is to set you up for life-long positive results.

Also included over the six-month program:

  • Hand-outs that will give you tips on nutrition, cooking, stress management, and a variety of other things.
  • Giveaways – books, beauty products, workshop tickets, plus more.
  • Food samples – You’ll have the chance to try new grains, fruits, etc.
  • Introductions to natural healing therapies, including Reiki sessions, meditation and nature walks.
  • Skin assessment and makeup classes, tips and techniques.

What do clients hope to accomplish through HWBC Program?
Clients hope to accomplish a variety of goals through the Program. From weight loss or weight gain, to reducing cholesterol, to clearing up acne and blemish prone skin, to healing sensitivities from allergies, taking this program is an excellent way to reach a variety of goals. Some clients want to cure their eczema or psoriasis, while others need support transitioning to a gluten-free or vegetarian lifestyle. Others just want to learn how to better care for their skin and better their overall appearance. The HWBC Program is completely customizable and adaptable to fit a plethora of needs and goals.

How much does The Program cost and what type of payments are accepted?
Payments can be made in cash or via check and special discounts are given for payments made in full. Please call me to discuss pricing and how I will help you achieve your goals at 732.310.7183.

Have a specific question not answered here?
Email me at or give me a call at 732.310.7183. I’m happy to discuss and explore what you need to life your most beautiful life!