aside Eff Beauty from a Bottle – My Top 10 Natural Summertime Beauty Tips

My favorite season is here! The weather is warm and the days are longer with daylight lasting into the evening hours. During this season, the care we give our bodies and minds is critical in determining both how we look and feel throughout the year. Summer time requires a beauty routine that is very different than during other seasons. We bare more skin and subject our bodies and hair to moisture-stealing elements like the sun, hot temperatures, and even chlorine in pools. Hence, we have to be careful about protecting our skin and hair in the right ways. In addition, nourishing our souls is also very important, because if we’re not feeling well on the inside, how can we look beautiful on the outside?

I’ve compiled some of the things I do to beautify and feel my best during the summer months. I hope these tips benefit your beauty routine and I’d love to hear additional tips you may have in the comments!

  • Drink up – water that is. The heat and being in the sun zap our bodies of hydration. When we’re not drinking enough water, the result shows in our faces through dryness and fine lines. We want a glowy, supple face throughout the summer months, and in order to get this, we must increase our water intake. Don’t wait to feel thirsty to drink water…drink an 8 oz. glass at least every two hours. Sound boring? Add some thin slices of cucumber, grapefruit and lemon to the water for a refreshing, antioxidant-rich drink which will benefit the skin immensely.
  • Eat cooling fruits and vegetables – Drinking water isn’t enough because of how quickly and easily we sweat it out during the summer. Therefore, it’s important to also eat fruits and veggies that are high in water content and that are cooling, including strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers, apricots and plums. These fruits hydrate, cool the body and improve circulation, which is critical for bringing nutrients to skin cells.
  • Spray rose water on your face – Rose petals have been used for centuries in India for healthy, beautiful skin. Purchase some pure, organic rose water (found in most Indian stores) and pour a quarter of the solution into a spray bottle. Add in cold water until the spray bottle is full. While out and about on a hot day, lightly spray the mist onto the face for a refreshing, cooling effect. When sprayed lightly as a mist, the solution will not upset makeup and will give a moisture-packed glow. Rose water balances the skin’s pH, tightens pores and even has antibacterial properties, keeping breakouts at bay.
  • Condition hair with a moisturizing mask – Chlorine and salt water can strip the hair of essential oils, leaving is raw, dry and brittle. Every few weeks during the summer, hydrate the hair with a banana, olive oil, honey, and coconut oil mask. The mask is super easy to make and leaves the hair feeling softer, healthier and conditioned. Here’s a video with simple instructions on how to create this mask:
  • Apply coconut oil to hair and nails – Coconut oil fixes almost everything! If you notice dry hair strands on your way to a cook out or other summer activity, apply a bit of coconut oil to the ends of the hair (a little goes a long way, so apply sparingly). The coconut oil will soften the ends and make them look healthier, while also locking in moisture and protecting the hair from further damage. In addition, coconut oil is a great, natural cuticle hydrator which will soften and make untamed cuticles less noticeable.
  • Cut back on the salt – Salty foods cause the body to retain water and bloat, particular in the abdominal area. Hence, cut back on the potato chips, fries, buffalo wings and other salty foods during the summer months. These types of junk foods don’t only cause water retention – they can also cause unsightly breakouts on the face, chest and back.
  • Time shaving and waxing appropriately – It’s important to shave and/or wax at least 24 hours before hitting the beach or pool, so be sure to time your grooming needs accordingly. Shaving and waxing cause tiny tears in the skin that may not be visible and you may not even feel them. These tears can invite in bacteria and cause havoc should a serious infection occur. Be safe and smart – wait a minimum of 24 hours before exposing freshly shaved or waxed skin!
  • Swim in the sea – Sea water is excellent for our bodies and skin. Sea/salt water contains essentials minerals, vitamins and trace elements that support the immune system and increase wellness. Sea water also contains magnesium, which is excellent for the skin and fights conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Magnesium-rich sea water also decreases symptoms of anxiety, stress and relaxes muscles.
  • Laugh – When you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside. Laughing stimulates organs to work more efficiently, reduces stress and relieves aches and pains and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing while also boosting the immune system. People who laugh often are happier and more attractive and tend to have more positive energy. Spend time with people who make you smile and laugh this summer and you will feel and look more beautiful!
  • Prevent sun damage with food – What we eat is more important than what we lather on when it comes to protecting the skin from damage and aging. Eating foods rich in vitamins C, E, selenium and lycopene protect against sun damage, hot breezes and even chlorinated pool water. Foods that include these vitamins are tomatoes, blueberries, brazil nuts, almonds, oranges and acai. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables supports skin in immeasurably ways and keeps it healthy and vibrant.

Beauty starts from the inside out. This summer, drink lots of water, eat clean foods, and spend time engaging in joy-inducing activities. In addition, remember to be nice, compassionate and gentle with others all summer long. When temperatures are hot, we are more susceptible to irritation and impatience. When something isn’t going the way we want, we need to take a deep breath, relax and remember to be kind. Beauty is a reflection of who and how we are on the inside even more than what we look on the outside. Always strive to be beautiful internally and your outward reflection will follow.


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