Healing & Nourishing Oatmeal

These days, most of us don’t get enough sleep and rest and are constantly looking to gain energy. Incorporating oatmeal into your breakfast is a great way to get this energy, as well as, tons of vitamins and nutrients. Oatmeal may sound boring, but just remember you can add in whatever you want and it will taste delicious!

I typically cook my oatmeal in coconut milk which makes it creamy and sweet. I also add in walnuts and chia seeds and sometimes fresh fruit or raw honey. Pease avoid pre-packaged oatmeal as it is typically higher in sodium and sugar. I use Bob’s Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats which I cook from scratch…it takes just 15 minutes!

Eating oatmeal increases mental and physical performance, lowers cholesterol and keeps you full for hours. Oatmeal also fights diabetes, reduces blood pressure and fights various cancers.

Please let everyone know how you like your oatmeal in the comments!


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